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The Secret History by Donna Tartt



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echosmith live in manila

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I Was An Island
Allison Weiss
Say What You Mean
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I was a fighter, and I was so brave
But I lowered my sword and you held me and swore
You’d stay, stay, stay 

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Ocean Blues || story by lentezon || art by nunubunkie

The stories say the crew is merciless. They say that the ship’s captains—for she has two—are on friendly terms with mermaids, some of the most dangerous creatures to dwell in the deep waters of the sea. They attack ships at will and leave no survivors, entire crews falling victim to their swords and the mermaids’ songs.

Dean Winchester knows better than anyone that stories are often exaggerations of the truth. But he also knows that all stories are grounded in reality.

This is where the stories come from.

coming to AO3 October 10!
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S9 Gag Reel

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what could a woman do?? women who deal with a lot of shit but like.. in song

do it alone parade | dogfight dogfight | forget about the boy thoroughly modern millie| it’s the hard-knock life annie| mama who bore me ( reprise ) spring awakening | cell block tango chicago | easy to be hard hair | listen dreamgirls | all grown up bare: a pop opera | everything else next to normal | naughty matilda |

[ listen]

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TV TUNES → a compilation of television theme songs that you can’t help but sing along to even when there aren’t any words. tracklisting & download.

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with a shitty ass blog nerd

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Typography Masterpost by swifth

    1. Tutorials:

    2. Fonts:

    3. Textures / Backgrounds:

    4. Color Palettes:

+ Looking for inspiration?


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dean + castiel au • i’m lovin it

author: onamelancholyhill
rating: pg-13
words: 17,000 ~
release date: soon

Castiel was always a sybarite. He loved good food and dreamed to be a chef. He ended up being an accountant, though. And buying Happy Meals for his obnoxious co-workers, even when he despised McDonalds.

However, when he entered the place that particular day he hardly knew a pair of green eyes and a shameful misunderstanding would be turning his life upside down…

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