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Fashion! Put It All on Me ➝ Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2014 #1


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He is five years old. 

His mother stands next to him, holding on to his hand tightly.  He’s not sure where he is or what he’s doing in the middle of the woods, but there are a lot of people here so he doesn’t feel scared or alone.  Around him the trees bristle and sway in the breeze.  The leaves whisper things, and the sky is so blue, it almost hurts to look at it. 

In the distance he can see it, the mirror.  The sun glints off it’s surface, and he squints. 

“Mama, what are we doing here?” he asks.

Mary looks down at him and smiles.  “We’re here to look into the mirror, Dean,” she says with a soft smile. 

He feels butterflies curl in the pit of his stomach.  “For what?” he asks. 

Mary grips on to his hand even tighter.  “To see what you see…” she says cryptically. 

He frowns but doesn’t say anything.  He continues to listen to the chatter around him and spends some time observing a pair of squirrels as they run around chasing after each other’s tails. 

The wait feels like forever, but he finally gets up to the mirror.  He sees that it is surrounded by a fence and guards stand on either side.  A pretty woman with dark hair and blue eyes smiles at him and reaches out for his hand. 

“Come, little one,” she says to him. 

He looks up at his mother, scared for the first time, but Mary simply smiles at him and gives him a gentle push. 

“Go on, Dean, it’s alright, I’m right here,” she says.

Reluctantly, Dean accepts the woman’s hand and allows her to guide him over to the stone steps leading up to the mirror.  Together, they walk up the steps until they reach the last one and Dean finds himself staring at his reflection, staring into his own eyes.  The mirror itself is old and is shaped oddly, like a shield.  Perched at the top is a figure carved out of something black.  He can make out a bow and arrow, the arrow pointing up to the sky.  He stares into the mirror once more, suddenly wishing he could touch it. 

“Look deeper, child,” the woman says. 

Dean looks up at her and squints.  “What am I looking for?” he asks. 

She smiles at him and shakes her head.  “I cannot tell you what to look for.  The mirror will show you what she wishes you to see,” she replies.

He feels himself getting frustrated but he looks into the mirror once more, gasping when he no longer sees his own reflection, rather he sees something else completely.   Inside the mirror, staring back at him is a young boy. 

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Sam sympathizes with monsters because he fears he is a monster and wants to believe he can be saved.
In contrast, Dean knows he is a monster and that monsters don’t deserve to be saved.


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Take #31  

"Set Me Up, Buttercup" by TamrynEradani

"Dean is the starting setter for his college’s volleyball team. His plans for the year include winning Conferences, passing his classes, kicking Benny’s butt at basketball, and making sure Ash remembers to eat and bathe on a semi-regular basis. He doesn’t plan on meeting Cas Milton but once he does, Dean’s carefully planned year changes."

humanAU; it’s just so cute. I love when they don’t go through a denial/unawareness phase. Just people being attracted to each other and steadily becoming closer. Also there’s stuff about spandex, definitely wort reading

"Thunderstruck" by lottielovebuzz

"Dean Winchester, a half-blood Gryffindor joins Dumbledore’s Army in his 6th Year and finally meets Castiel Novak, a Muggle-born Hufflepuff. After Castiel manages to produce Patronus on his first try, Dean is immediately curious about the quiet Prefect and ends up forming an unlikely friendship that doesn’t go as smoothly as they wish."

Harry Potter Crossover, NC-17; I have never read a fanfic where characters are actually inserted into an already existing story. It sounds like it could get messy, but here it’s perfect. (If you’re looking for the greatest love story ever told tho you should probably save the fic for later: feelings are present but not the focus. It’s much more about the action - and does that flawlessly)

"Polar Night" by phate-phoenix 

"Months after the Yellow-Eyed Demon and Jake opened the Devil’s Gate in Wyoming, Sam and Dean are tracking a series of vampire-related abductions across the western coast of the United States. Their hunt brings them to Forks, Washington: site of the latest disappearances. While there, Sam sees the one that got away, Dean meets a man whose entire family is hiding something, and they learn that vampires are the least of their problems."

Twilight AU, NC-17; Okay, so I know I know. But it turns the parts you loved to hate into actual good plot points and keeps the parts you hated to love. It’s all set in the Supernatural universe - the Winchesters are hunter, season one and two happened (with slight alterations) - but Cas lives in Forks and the Vampires are about to be ganked. It’s a really strong story even without knowledge of the books but you’ll probably appreciate its genius more if you know the original story

"Book Porn" by callahanwade 

"Dean’s life hasn’t been easy, raising his kid brother since they lost their father. With Sam in college at last, though, Dean meets Castiel, a grad student working as a librarian. Together they are ridiculously nerdy and ridiculously happy."

humanAU; just completely fluffy and cute. Good things happen and self-esteem is strengthened

"Bratishka: Little Brother" by Valyria

"Dean thinks he knows pretty much everything there is to know about his best friend Castiel Novak - he’s a smart, gorgeous DA who probably lets Dean get away with more than he should to see the bad guy locked up - but it turns out Cas is hiding some dark family secrets."

humanAU,NC-17; the one where Dean is a Cop and Cas is a DA and Dean’s best friend and Dean has this huge crush on that everyone knows about. Aside from the delicious pining going on I lovelovelove mob fics. Love them so much.

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